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Hermès, Fall '09 Paris

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Okay. Okay. Okay. Calm Down. I have to show you this. Isn't it amazing?

It reminded me of school straight away. But like a swanky, upper class, well-dressed school. Don't ask me why. I guess the colours, fit and simple, intelligent designs. Excluding the dricing goggle things going on and the fabrics & fur, any of these would be an awesome uniform.

But, I have to face it, people don't dress that well.

This is from a few days ago and I'm looking at fashion shows from two days ago now so I might post again about Louis Vuitton. I don't understand why some blogsites are bagging out this show straight away for the simple, sorta out-there clothes when it started off as a brand of freaking bags. Get a life people.

*juggling* Anyho, good-bye

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