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Vivienne Westwood, Fall '09 Paris

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Well this is yesterday's Vivienne Westwood Fall show in Paris. This is for Eilish who thinks Vivienne Westwood has changed but I still think she is different. It has some alright clothes. Bold colours. Light, pretty fabrics. Good combinations. Some was a bit strange but i do like, basically, all of these.

Apologies for the numbers. There were just so many. Eilish - please comment when you come back. I hope you like it :)

Please pay attention to the details.

And there is Vivienne Westwood (right) with guest model Pamela Anderson (left).
*Jubilee time* Aurevoir
King Kong

ps. left click on the image to zoom in.
pps. I don't normally say 'ps.'


I'm Eilish said...

Hahahaha, I'm back and slightly dead.
ANYWAY, rofl @ you.
Vivienne Westwood is pretty cool.
I just remember seeing a few of her shows and her talking about how her clothing has alot to do with music.
Idk, she was heaps punk once.
But I do like alot of this.