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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow. Lacoste - Fall 2008.

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Just a sec....

Isn't Christophe Lemaire a genius?

I absolutely LOVE this collection. If it snowed down here enough I would wear any of the clothes (the girl's clothes, obviously) all the time. They are all so beautiful. Amazing fabric, beautiful designs and wonderful colours. I especially love the layering and the fact that he used plenty of stockings, socks, gloves, glasses, scarves and hats.

*dribble* Gosh. Wouldn't it be cool if my school didn't have a uniform? Wouldn't it? I would wear stuff like this in Winter, which would be almost all of the time because it is so cold here. These clothes are just so comfortable-looking and warm, but, still gorgeous. Some of the things are so formal too which I love and remind me of school. The high heels don't really suit though.

The one thing about these I don't like is the shoes. I really don't like thick heels and the big foamy things around the last lot of women's shoes only belong on the runway, if that.

The men's clothes are also amazing although I don't normally pay much attention to them. These are just so unique using the wools and bold yellows, reds and blacks with all of the grey and white, and that includes the women's clothes too.

In the end, using pinks and purples and blues really stood out and I love how the colours evolved.

Gosh. I just love these so much. Expect to see some of my recreations from quite a few of these.

*cheerfully and smuggly smiles* byeeee.

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