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Melbourne 2.4.2009 - 6.4.2009 -- Purchases

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First off, I took photos of my bookshelf. I thought I'd show you that. I got a bit bored...

I bought this mohair bucket hat on Friday at David Jones for $40. I love it because it reminds me of Burberry Spring 2009. It's so stylish and fits my head perfectly. Yay. Celebration.

I bought these black gloves from the Basement in Myer's for $25 along with the cream ones in the other blog. They are really comfortable and keep you warm. They are pretty awesome. I got them on Thursday and Aelia (my sister) bought a pair too.

These are the gloves i got that I was wearing in the photos before. I saw them and knew I had to buy them :)

I love reading atm and I bought one of these and my mum paid for one. They were both $17 from Dymocks. I have two more books by Sarah Dessen, author of This Lullaby, called The Truth About Forever and Just Listen. She is a great author. Reckless is the third book in The IT Girl series (I have the first two books already) out of six/seven. Cecily von Ziegesar also wrote the Gossip Girl series and this series features Jenny Humphrey as one of the main characters (also in Gossip Girl). I got these on Thursday and read them while I was away. Highly recommended. They are great.

Here are 3 badges that my mum bought for me, for a dollar each, at Smiggle. They are so cute and there were just so many choices there. I love badges, haha. My friend, Eilish, has so many awesome ones and I have no idea how she finds any in Tasmania. I have never seen any badges sold anywhere here, haha. Well, I guess I don't look much.

Oh My Gosh, Oh My Gosh. This fan is amazing! It was at an expensive costume store called Antons. And I mean EXPENSIVE. They sell amazing suits that are made out of amazing fabric. There is also amazing old-fashioned pieces that you can't find anywhere. (I will talk about Antons more later.) They also have heaps of collectables all around the store and it is just so home-y. Anyway.... This fan was on one of the shelves for $12!!!! They had a few other colours (black & gold, black (mine), white, pink, black & green, black & white) but I only had enough money for one and black goes with almost anything. OMG. It is freaking AMAZING!

I also bought stockings because they can go with so much and I have seen some amazing ones on TV shows like Gossip Girl and Skins. I got the red ones ($15.50) and the black patterned ones I wore in the other photos ($18) at Socks Club in Melbourne Central. The tartan ones are rather horrid but I didn't buy them and wasn't there when my Mum bought them for me. They were $22 at some random place. They don't go with much and they look like something a school would make you wear. But oh-well.

There were some beautiful stockings I saw in an Alannah Hill store but that was on the last day and I didn't have any money. Gosh I love Alannah Hill. Some were knee-high socks that were black then has a thick rim of another colour. The fabric was beautiful and look great when you wear them (one of the sales women had a pair on). There was also a pair of knee-high socks that were black striped with silver glitter. Yaaay.

On the last day my mum and I went to Job Warehouse full of fabric and my Mum bought me all of this fabric. It was $307. Such a bargain. These first ones are silk. They are normally $40 a metre. We got the red one (4 metres) for $40 (WOAH!) and the Blue one (2 metres) for around $30. OMG. I am gonna make a waistcoat out of each like some of the ones with suits at Antons. I am obsessed.

There is around 4 metres of grey fabric which I am gonna make a suit skirt out of. It's gonna be sweeet. The blue one is a light taffeta that I had to get to make a skirt (because it stays stiff wonderfully) when I was looking at all of the taffeta for my competition dress (explain later). The white stuff is cotton and can be dyed very easily. It is so old and an amazing bargain. We got nine freaking metres of it for $17. It would be worth around $100. OMG!

The black one with the fine whited dotted stripe through it is amazing. It's quite thick and very cheap. We got around 10 metres I think. It feels about that much. The suit is gonna be amazing. The greeny-blue taffeta (12 metres) was around $50 and is going to be the dress I make. Can't wait to see how it turns out :)

This last wool is worth so much money. It is unbelieveable. However. It used to be self lined and after the twenty years it has been sitting there, it has slowly fallen off so now the back has got glue over it which should wash off. It is going to look amazing as a suit. You can't see it now but it will. We got all of it (around 7-12 metres) for about $60 which is excellent. (If the glue doesn't come off then we will have to try and do something for that because if we don't then it comes off and will stick to all my other clothes & fabric and ruin that.) Amazing!

All of this is sooooooooo kool. I spent so much time shopping. No joke. Around 30-40 hours. SO at least I got some amazing stuff out of it. It was so much fun even though I'm usually not very into shopping; well honestly, I wasn't that into it then either. It was so rewarding.

Farewelllll. Gemmma.