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Australian 51st Annual TV Week Logies

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The cast of Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities

The cast of All Saints & Home and Away

The cast of Underbelly

The cast of Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities

The cast of Rush

TV Presenters (Video Hits) Fuzzy and Hayden Guppy

'Singer' Dannii Minogue

TV Presenter Shelly Croft

Australian Idol judges Dicko & Marcia Hines

Carson Kressley

'Media Personality' Stephen Curry

Comedians/Radio hosts Hamish & Andy

Singer Jessica Mauboy

'TV personality' Kerri-Anne

TV Newsreaders Sandra Sully & Natarsha Belling

'TV Personality' Jason Dundas

Singer Ricki-Lee

Golden Logie winner (Someone-a-rather)

Others that are un-named

Natalie Bassingthwaite

Kristy Hinze (Project Runway person-y-thing)

Kate Richie

Underbelly people.

Another un-named person

Supermodel Jennifer Hawkins

Jodi Gordon (from Home & Away)

Ermmm.. some boiz.

Rove McManus and new model gf.

Singer/Neighbours star Dean Geyer (or however you spell his name)

Hamish & Andy again.

Some other 'famous' people.

Comedian Adam Hills

Underbelly man...

Okay, may I just ask WTF?!

Australian TV Week Logies were held last night (3/5/2009) in Melbourne and I was shocked by how many people I didn't know. Okay, some comdey show actors/writers and comedians but others were just very unknown.

I should feel ashamed but I don't, I really don't care who knows who and who did what.

What's up with TV/Media 'personality'? I really think that shouldn't be a job title.

Anyways, some people wore great clothes, some didn't. They all spent too much and looked so tight. Whatever, some of these people sicken me. So botoxed (I know, not a word) and stick thin. Why would anyone wanna be like that? They are so predictable and over-the-top.

Rant, rant, rant. I was disappointed.