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Well sorry for lack of posts lately. The other day I got a new computer and when I went to go on my old one to get all the files, the old one stuffed up. I think the old one knew it was being replaced...

Anyway, my dad and I spent all night trying to fix it and eventually got everything off and I have spent the past few days putting the files on the new fancy one and downloading old programs I used to have.

This internet is old and soo annoying. I also don't have microsoft office. I have one called OpenOffice which is a lamer version - grrr.

On Friday my school had a grade 9 art exhibition and it was fuun. I have a ton of pictures to show you.

Anyways... I am catching up on everyone's recent blogs and I am enjoying myself for some reason.

Today I miss out on an applied art class (graffiti art) - This class is on a weekend so we have time to spray paint a mural in our school and the dude helping us can only do it on a weekend. He is a cool street artist from around here. I have soccer slap bang in the middle of it.

Yesterday I got my hair trimmed and it looks much better really straight, haha. School photos on Tuesday - Gasp. I also bought a cobalt pair of tights and the fifth book in the IT girl series - Lucky - which I have already finished.

Better be off. Byeee.