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Sorry for lack of recent posts. I've been terribly busy. Yesterday I went to a school LAN which is basically a nerd party. We hooked up computers and I played a cool strategy game against some friends; I now have the game and am hooked. Because of the game I haven't done my homework, prepared mentally for the athletics carnival tomorrow (LOL) and sewn anything. Bummer. But I do love the game.

Anyway, today's Mother's Day obviously. Hope you, if you're a mum, or your mum had a good day. I bought my mum the latest Aust Vogue and a card, yay. It's been in and out of my house all day and whenever I got home I always played Age of Mythology (HAHA).

Just now I got back after going out to tea for my Mum. This is what I wore. I changed a lot today and this isn't my favourite but this is the latest. I love the stockings, I bought them the other day. The dress is also amazing but it is a little short, haha. The overcoat I made ages ago with my Mum and it is wool cashmere - sooo soft.

Sorry for the bad quality, I really need to get a new camera.

BTW, I also love the shoes. I got them in Sydney and they are gorgeous.