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Confessions of a Shopaholic

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Uh-oh, it seems i simply can not go to any store and resist buying a CD. I can give you a billion excuses but I think I have a problem - just like that movie 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' (except with out the debt - and having to get a job - and having to solve all my problems - etc. etc. - I haven't actually seen the movie btw. It's also not going on my to-do list). Over the past two months I have bought ten albums *hangs head in shame*.

Jack's Mannequin - The Glass Passenger is the most recent buy. Great band. Apparently it's 'piano rock' although little piano compared to how you expect it to be. Quite fun and pretty easy-listening. *big thumbs up*

1. Crashin'
2. Spinning
3. Swim
4. American Love
5. What Get's You Off
6. Suicide Blonde
7. Annie Use Your Telescope
8. Bloodshot
9. Drop Out - The So Unknown
10. Hammers and Strings (A Lullaby)
11. The Resolution
12. Orphans
13. Caves
14. [bonus track] Miss California

School is already too boring for words and I am over-homeworked. Considering sueing because my brain is almost officially a rusty heap of metal. There are waaay too many uniform restrictions and no-one can do anything fun or unique or remotely interesting.

*sigh* Goodnight fellow blog-go-ers
Gemmer Gem Gem Gmmmmm Gemma.


I'm Eilish said...

I love this CD so much now.
His voice is pretty epic.
+ school is lame.