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Graffiti Art

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I have an 'applied art' class at school that is basically all about street art. All I can say is W-O-W. It's amazing what some people can do and I am sooooo jealous. You have to pay attention to graffiti now, so much cool stuff.

We were looking at pictures of random graffiti and I came across this amazing site you have to check out:
Some amazing shizz..

Isn't he cute??? :)

Awwww... happy things. School is already becoming an endless cycle of boredom that involves nothing more interesting than learning to get sick of people and bang your head on the desk in frustration.

Thank goodness for my British India.... and big news!!! They are playing at the Uni Bar soonish and again later in March and April. Gosh, I love small bands that come down here and don't just play on the mainland.

Fall Out Boy, Hey Monday and The All-American Rejects are touring around the mainland too... grrrrr, I want to go so badly. I am stealing Eilish's Shortstack CD just to resist the urge to KILL EVERYONE.

Just to make you happy, check out

*salute* Cya latter Alien infidels
Adios - Tokidoki.


I'm Eilish said...

You know that chalk one with Batman and Robin?
My mum showed me a whole heap of those once.
Dude, I love yooou. Haaaa