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Endless Rituals

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Painting Painting Painting, the other day I bought a few wooden pieces from spotlight and I am extremely excited, haha, don't know why.

Beep test today. Yay. I got to 9.7 if you know what that is anyways. Stupid headphones kept falling out, grrr. I have my sisters half broken Mp4 player that i bribed her for (half broken means I have to literally bend it to see the screen). Anyways, I think I'm evil. I get a kick out of seeing people slowly get tired and give up, unhappy with themselves for being unfit. hehe.

Invaders Must Die - the new album by Prodigy - is out. Really good. Don't normally like stuff by them but heard some on Triple J and it's pretty sweet. You should check it out.

Exciting designers coming out of fashion week. Ahh, it's inspiring. Can't wait to start sewing again... actually I'm going to do just that when I leave here. There is an Australian ( ) dress-making competition on and I'm entering Daywear & Evening wear this year - exciting. Last year I entered the evening wear and came second, went to Sydney for the nationals... YIPEEE! Anyways - fingers crossed for this year. Hopefully pictures will be coming of the process. Please Comment.

That's what I'm making now. :) McCall's M5480

Vogue spread to make you happy.

Ahhhh, gorgeous drawings. I am so inspired.

I don't really have any exciting news. My boring life continues, yay. I really think I deserve better fabric shops around me. It is unfair for anyone who wants to sew. Terrible quality and expensive.. Grrrrrr. That's my complaint for today, hah, and now I am going to sew.. Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay.

*rolls away* Ta-ta.
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