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Woah, I haven't even said hello yet, probably because they are always a bit awkward - hello anyway. Moving on, I haven't spoken about fashion yet - scary - and fashion is basically my life. I thought, just to start off, I will show you some of my favourite pictures. Don't judge, just understand these are really cool.

I am digging the sleeves to that pink dress.

See that green dress? I am so making something like that
for a fashion comp. later in the year *swoon*.
Versace - Fall/Winter 2007

Doc Martins. *love at first sight*
I want some. I need some. I will get some.

Ooooohh, fancy. Totally making some :)

*dribble* - gorgeous

Haha, okay. Enough of my best pictures (even though I have a few hundred *cheeky grin*). As you will soon be able to tell, I have much an obsession with clothes. Sewing. Drawing. Researching. Anything to do with Fashion. It's basically my life. Or used to be. I have these huge highs and lows with obsessions and atm I am having a low. Just can't get started :(

Borrowed Eilish's Short Stack CD today. Haha, I love them now. You should check them out.
You should also check out It's from The Lonely Planet who do shit for Saturday Night Live. Sweet as.

Anyway. Best be off. Way too much homework.

*spin around on chair in boredom* Fairwell, Earth beings
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