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I am now gonna speak in angles

eg. "That's so 95 degrees."
"You're so obtuse."

Haha, thanks Samuel.

Well, I got outta a gay school 'requirement' today - for soccer training. Haha, lame. Anyway, I'd rather get so tired I'm ready to die than go to a looong assembly about BORING stuff.

I don't have much to say because I've been so busy with school homework, training my sister's soccer team, my own soccer and fashion drawings. Gee, it's so much work. And now posting for three blogsites. Haha. Lame.

Anyway, I have recently found refuge in posters. I have heaps of wall space and my friend (Eilish) gave me a poster, thanks to that I now have five up and I'm not supposed to have any. I wonder how badly I will die when my folks see them. Well they are hiding near a cupboard atm. Haha. Sneaky.

Well, I better be off.
*falls asleep in chair* *snore*