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Cat Empire

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Guess whose back? THE CAT EMPIRE. After a quieter year by Empire standards, the guys are pulling together their ever-entertaining troupe to hit the road in Australia, with the announcement of 16 shows, and more to follow.

Having declared some 'long service leave' for 2008,THE CAT EMPIRE, who had been on a seemingly never-ending international tour, have spent this year closer to home; Felix delved into his classical side, Will return to study town planning, Ollie has been seen on stages in Melbourne almost every night of the week, Ryan has been doing whatever Ryan does, Harry has been on tour with JACKSON JACKSON, and Jumps spent a month in India, leaving Mumbai just 24 hours before trouble started.

Having tasted some 'normal' life, the guys are keen to get back on the road. Their first shows back will be on the juggernaut known as Falls Festival (Lorne and Tassie), Southbound (WA) and Sunset Sounds (QLD). After opening Sydney Festival (Jan 10) in style, it's straight into the rehearsal studio to prepare for the February/March national tour.

Joining them on the road are the PAPRIKA BALKANICUS (Romania, Serbia & Slovenia). The Cat Empire first met these self proclaimed "masters of great atmosphere" in the wee hours of Edinburgh Festival in 2003. Paprika Balkanicus play a fiery blend of Balkan, Eastern European and Gypsy music. Mio Matsuda Japan sum up their show as an "Amazing performance - they hit the audience like a Balkan storm!"

Local band Bone Rattlers will also take stage, Equal parts Rockabilly, Punk, Garage, (and a healthy dose of Rock �n� Roll), Bone Rattlers have been playing sweaty shows to punters all over the country."

I love the effing Cat Empire. According to a friend, they are shit live but I don't care because I looove them. I don't know if I can go yet but if I can, you are going too, Eilish. It's on Sunday for around $60 at the gates.

This is so exciting!!!

*waves happily* Byeee


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I fucking love you.