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It's so beautiful and childish at the same time. The fabric gives it that more mature and edgy look and the headphones add an element of mystery to what kind of person they are. Altogether a really good outfit. I so wanna make it. It's from Dsqaured² - Fall '07. Gosh I love Dsquared². Their clothes are just gorgeous. You must check it out.

Other designers I love and supply so much inspiration would be Luella and Burberry Prorsum. Atm I am looking on at all the designers old shows on their database. I do love old fashion. Even if it isn't that old. Maybe ten - five years. Well, not really that old. But it is in the world of fashion. Haha. 'The world of fashion'. It's like some kinda cult.

Anyways. I have a load o' homework even though I'm in effing grade nine haha. Stupid Saturday. I have a friends party I wanna go to (stay at), the Hamilton Show I'm going to as a family tradition (leaving at ten apparently) and my first soccer game of the season is at 10:30. GAAAAY! I can't go to the soccer match. I have to leave my friend's party early. And probably least important, I have NO daggy clothes to wear to the show. The busiest day of the year. Oh no.

*puts head down and starts working again*