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Well, I went to my friend's sleepover b'day party last night and we had so much chocolate. Haha. We also went to the museum and checked out the 'Ten Days on the Island' exhibition. There are a few photos and a video which I am gonna get off Eilish to show you.

I only got home at five and was on my comp. getting photos of the clothes from Gossip Girl and I still haven't got them all. I only just got a tiny bit of my homework done and still have to find time tomorrow to write a page on a video we watched in SOSE. And I missed out on soccer today. Grrr. Anger.

Tomorrow is sooo busy. I have to wake up at 6:50 for 7:30 mass. Clean at Nan & Grandfathers straight after mass (takes about an hour). Go to the Hamilton Show at 10 then I will get home around 3 and have to do homework and do everything else I wanted to do this weekend.

Just then I cleaned out my wardrobe because I've grown heaps over the past year so I had to get rid of over half the stuff I have. Now it is empty and plain even though these clothes are what I have been wearing over the past few months. It's just so empty, and lonely. I also have no shoes, only grey, black & white. Absolutely no colour and I love colour atm. GRRRR.

The leftover clothes are all over my floor and I can hardly move.

I also had to repair some clothes and I feel like sewing sooo much after watching Gossip Girl. I just don't have the time or fabric Grrr. SO many wasted ideas. Hmfph

I'm going to Melbourne on Thursday, anyway, until Monday (I only have a hundred bucks buut...) and I will spend all my money on leather or lace gloves, shoes, a nice hat and bold coloured tights. I also wanna buy the first series of Gossip Girl though and Scrubs, maybe some music. Grrr, I wish I had so much more money.

I had heaps to say today haha, I need so much extra time... Arggggh. My head is going to explode.

Anyway, I'm a very visual person and I decided just then that I can't leave you without a picture of sorts so here are some that I found this arvo from Gossip Girl, Gosh I'm in love.

Eilish, tell me if you like 'em. Haha.

Well, that's a lot of photos, make sure you look at all of them, there is so much detail. I hope you enjoy them. There might be more to come because I only just got to the photos of the first series today.

*pulls funny face* Byeeeee.
(I especially love the character Jenny in these photos.)