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Merry Easter.

Today I had my uncle, aunt and one of my cousins, Bec, over today for Easter Monday lunch. It was pretty fun. I wore this...

White skinny jeans - Supre $20; Red clown blouse - Challans $10 (sale, originally $150); Grey singlet - K-mart $10; Yellow nail polish - Ice Accessories (present).

Yesterday I got a book, Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen, instead of chocolate. I've already read it and it is sooo good. All of Dessen's books are great. They have a strong family story and strong boy-girl relationship story through each book. They are all really great. Recommended.

I have three of her other books and I love her very muchly. Here they are...

Hope you had a good Easter. xx

*rolls off*


Amelia said...

I love Sarah Dessen. Her books are really nice as young adult books go.

That shirt is amazing! I can't get over the colors and the ruffles. Cute pictures.