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Books, books, books. Cecily von Ziegesar.

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I need to read something. I have gone back to re-reading all of my interesting books. I have a pretty good memory so I remember it all which kind of ruins the fun and excitement of reading. (listen to me, 'fun & excitement of reading'.)

I have the first three books from the seven series set of 'The IT Girl'. It is by the author of Gossip Girl, Cecily von Ziegesar. She is a great author. She is brilliant at building up suspence. She also writes like a teenager and mentions modern clothes and brands and places so much you just feel so young and free and 'into' everything when you read it.

Anyways, I bought the second one ages ago and really enjoyed it so I went out and bought the first one then, other than glancing for it in the 'teenage fiction' section of any bookstore, I haven't thought of it much since. However, with my recent obsession with Gossip Girl and specifically Jenny Humphrey (a character in Gossip Girl and the main character of The IT Girl), I saw the series (recovered) in Melbourne and I bought the next one in the series - Reckless.

Reckless is more a build up book for the others. Well, I guess I see it like that because I read it in a few hours. The books are about the 'it' crowd at an expensive boarding school in America featuring partying, drinking, boys and clothes. Any-ho, I'm reading Reckless now.

I guess I recommend all of these but I guess I kind of recommend everything I post about.

I haven't done much today, just, as I told you before, finished reading the fifth and sixth books of the 'Tomorrow' series.

Just now however, I painted my nails yellow for tomorrow and the holidays - we can't have nail polish on at school (I don't know why, what harm will it do? Might we *gasp* express ourselves???). I found out I have this awesome pink-orange nail polish as well which I am sooo using next time. Haha - talking about nail polish colour.

Anyway..... I shall go now. Farewell, sleep well.


Anonymous said...

You can't wear nail polish at school? The ridiculousness of that shocks me.

However, if you're going to go with any colour, yellow is definitely a wonderful choice :-)