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Well,. This arvo I landed back in Hobart after spending five days in Melbourne. I've been busy the whole day, well five days, and I have sooo much to talk about which I just don't have time for now. I will blog heaps over the next two weeks because it is almost Easter (i.e. a week off school for no apparent reason - reconciliation probably, hah).

Melbourne holiday blogs will include:

Graffiti Art
International Melbourne Flower Show
AFL - Col Vs Melb,. Lions Vs Carl.
Best Shops
Purchases & Stuff I wanna Buy Now.
Other random Shizz

I will include photos and details and links to stuff you should check out. It sounds like I'm selling it but I just want to prepare you because it will be SO FREAKING AWESOME!

I hope you've had a nice weekend, I certainly have. I have to sleep now because I am pooped.

*rolls off into the distance* Byeee.
That Mitchell & Webb Look <3