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Man Down! I've Been HIT!!!

Posted by Gєммα;∂ιℓєммα. |

Ouuuuuuccccccchhhhhyyyyyy. I got stung by a wasp at my last game of coaching my sister's soccer team. And it hurts so muuucch. Right on the back of the kneee. WWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH.

I'm melting, meeelllttiinggg.

Well I still can't talk about Melbourne because tomorrow is the last day of school because of the Easter holidays. I have a huge science thingo due so I can't talk. I hate everyone. I shall post tomorrow, hopefully.

But it will be big. Very big.

Wow, I'm talking this up so much, I hope it's good...... hmmmm.

Anyway *shakes head to snap out of day dream* Farewell, alien friends.
Student, very very tired student.