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Melbourne 2.4.09 - 6.4.09 -- Summary

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Day 1

Well, starting off at the Hobart airport. It was a barrel of laughs as you can see.

Then the taxi after the hour flight to Melbourne. Wow, from the plane we went over the suburbs and there are just soooo many houses. Gosh.

And on the way to our hotel on Little Collins St. we headed past some amazing sites and I saw this awesome Ferris Wheel. I've never been on one. Something to do before I die. Sorry about the bird poo on the window, haha.

The hotel was so big and so central. Gosh. Three bedrooms, dining room, lounge room, kitchen, bathroom and ensuite. So much fun though. And old fashioned. They also had some amawing paintings up around the joint but I didn't end up getting photos of them. :(

Soon after arriving we headed out shopping. I spent almost all of my money on the first day. It was a hot 27/28 degrees. Here are photos from the Allannah Hill boutique. She is my favourite Australian designer. She is so girly and feminine. She grew up in Tassie too and I think I'm related somehow (no pun intended).

On the first day, my mum, sister and I went shopping all around central Melbourne and went to heaps of shops. Whilst we were doing this, my brother and Dad were having beers with my cousin, pffft.

I was just starting to write what I bought but I'll keep that until later.

Day 2

On Friday we went to the Melbourne International Flower Show.

There was so much at the flower show and I took a heap of pictures which I will talk about later. There was also a sculpture show and I will alssooo talk about that. It was a bad day, weather wise, and once we got inside the main building it started raining then there was lightning and a whole storm. I wore high heel stiletto boots and we were stuck there for a few bloody hours just standing around. Grrrrr. It was fun catching the city circle tram though. Haha.

We also went shopping a bit after that in the arvo, once the weather cleared up, and got to all the lovely stores we traditionally go to. Yaay. Bought a few more things. Spent more of my money.

Day 3

On Saturday, my brother and I were pooped so stayed in the apartment that morning. I read. He did homework. Very boring. Anywaaay. At around 2 we went to the MCG for some AFL. Collingwood (my sister's team) played Melbourne (my brother's team) and it was quite fun. We were on the top level but we still felt quite close. It felt like we were about to fall out the way in leant down though.

After that game we went back to the apartment and got there around 6pm because we had to walk (only around 6 block lengths). We went past Flinders St. Station and some buskers there were hell cool. (thinking about that now, I don't remember too much remarkable fashion. Pretty plain now, gay.) As soon as we got to the apartment we got ready and left again for Etihad Stadium (previously the Telstra Stadium). We got great seats and had tea there, very healthy. It was Carlton (my Dad's team) playing the Brisbane Lions (my team). Unfortunately my dad told the ticket lady that we all supported Carlton so we were on the first level, among all the Carlton fans and right behind the goals (amazing seats if you don't know).

Day 4

On Sunday we went out to Carlton and went to an amazing cafe/bakery/cake store called Brunetti. Highly, highly reccommended. Beautiful cakes that live in a cabinet stretching along the cafe for about thirty or more meters. WOW.

On the way to Carlton, changing trams, we went down the stores to an AMAZING antique store called Ambiance. I'm in love. I can't tell you how much I love it. You have to go there or I will hate you forever. It is so awesome. I think I have a few photos and I will try to find more information on it because I love it so much.

We went around Carlton some more. Then went for a little shopping. Kind of winding down. On the way back we went to the ABC store and my Dad bought That Mitchell and Webb Look (look at for my blog about that). Hilarious. I love it. My brother and I almost bought the whole Mighty Boosh set (three series) but he chickened out at the last minute.

That night we went to a restaurant where my cousin manages the restaurant and bar. The hotel is called Ridges and it is on the edge of Carlton and it is amazing. Also highly recommended. Sunday was so fun, I saw so many amazing things.

Day 5

Monday was over very quickly. In the morning we packed up and left the apartment at 10am. We rushed around shopping. We went to Job Warehouse which is a huge store jammed with rolls and rolls of fabric. There were at least a few thousand different fabrics and some are twenty or twenty-five years old. My mum bought me a heap of fabric to use (so nice) and I will take a photo of them all. It cost all around $307. Wow.

After that hour spent in there my Mum and I went back down Bourke St to Alan's Music where my brother had so much fun checking out all of the quitars. It was actually heaps cool.

Then we went to the food court, had lunch, went to the airport, dropped off our bags, had a beer with my cousin then hopped on the plane at 2pm and landed back in Hobart at around 3:30.

Hope you enjoyed that. More to come. Byeeee.