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Well, this is the first time I have ever taken photos of what I am wearing. As you can probably tell. It is in my room (I apologise for the mess, haha) and it's what I'm wearing right now. I have no idea how to introduce this.

Well the cream gloves and patterned stockings are from Melbourne. I got the wool, fingerless, ivory gloves for $25 at the Miss Shop in the Myer Basement. The stocking were $18 from the Socks Club in Melbourne Central. Pretty rad. (please comment.)

Pink cardigan - Supre $10; Patterned top - Challans (sale) $10 (down from $120); Second hand skirt; Shoes (which you can't see but are flats - black with white polka dots and a bow on the front) - Sandlers $25.

For the holidays my art teacher made me(well he kind of obviously really wanted me to take it home but after he conveyed that he wanted to make sure it was 'all up to me') take home my painting to finish. We had to find an Australian artist's painting and recreate as what we think Australia is today. Lame. My original painting was one called Mount Dryden from Mount William (I think) from 1857 by artist Eugene von Guerard.

Well here it is so far. :)

And here is the original painting (in oil).

This is a painting I inheritated from my Great Nan when she died last year. It's a picture of some ballerinas doing Swan lake. (I used to do ballet and she's had this for fifty years in her room so she wanted me to have it.) It's beautiful. You can't see here but the detail is amazing. Last year in Sydney my Mum and I found this designer's (Fleur something) boutique where she had the same one and some more from the same artist out the front. Pretty ironic.

I will post some more real soon about Melbourne because I obsessed with recording it in some way and I hope you have a nice day :)

*waves enthusiastically* Byyyyyeeeee.
Loving art.


I'm Eilish said...

Woooah, I was going to buy those gloves the other day in town.
haaaa <3