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Eric Daman - Gossip Girl stylist. (Revolve Style-Guides)

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I only really like Gossip Girl because of the clothes. The stylist is a genius I think. I mean, he isn't that creative but he understands the clothes and how they suit other things (well that is being creative in a sense, haha - I'm just jealous. He has a cool job). He doesn't really start trends, just brings them out and back. He also knows how to match colours and how to create the right feel of an outfit which I love.

Anyway when I was looking at a recent photo shoot by Rumi from Fashion Toast for Revolve style guides here, I looked at the other style-guides on the site and this shoot is styled by Eric Daman.

I did plenty more sewing today and enjoyed it a lot. Also saw two boys from my grade when I went to get lunch which was a surprise. They are cool dudes - we talk - we talked.

I love this shoot because of the colours and the school kinda theme I see. I love the school theme because that's all I can really notice nowadays when I don't go out much anywhere else.

Hope everyone likes it. Byee.


Couture Carrie said...

I really enjoyed this series of photos... fabulous GG-inspired styling! I especially love the bright LNA leggings!


*** said...

These photos are fun and whimsical, lovely post.

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

I totally love this theme!! Gossip Girl styling is amazing, I wish he could be my stylist haha

The Clothes Horse said...

The styling is great. The colors are fantastic. He can dress me anytime. :)