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Eyeliner - Pandora & Betty

Posted by Gєммα;∂ιℓєммα. |

Mmmkay. I just wanna say I love these girls' make up. It is goregous. Hope you like. They are from here and here. Check them out. The first shoot is a group of French bloggers you may recognise and it was found from (Pandora) and the last five photos were from Le Blog de Betty and I just love how subtle it is. Hope you do too. x



Couture Carrie said...

Oh wow how fabulous ~ I love dramatic and costume-y eye liner! And those glasses are fantastic too!


Anonymous said...

that eyeliner is so well done! i wish i was half as skilled to do that myself...i'd probably either draw really awful jagged lines with the eyeliner or stab myself in the eye, graceful human being that i am.

The Clothes Horse said...

The florals and stripes are a nice combination. And oh! Daisy chains--I remember those. I look forward to them every summer.

The Clothes Horse said...

Sorry for that strange comment! My computer spazzed on me last night and this ended up publishing here when it froze...
Anyway, what I meant to type was: I really like their make-up as well. I wish I could wear such bold eyeliner without worrying about being stared at.