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Chris Benz - Resort 2010

Posted by Gєммα;∂ιℓєммα. |

Ahhh, I love Chris Benz and I absolutely LOVE this collection. See the third last and fifth last top, well I think I am gonna make that soonish.

Sorry that I haven't posted pictures of my overcoat yet but it isn't completely finished yet, I've still gotta do the finishing touches like check the hem of the lining and add the buttons.

Haha, I just noticed that the first six of this collection, that I've posted, is mainly made up of pinks & reds and the bottom half/six is mainly blue.

Today has been very uneventful, but I did make chocolate truffles.. MMMM.

Hope everybody had a nice day. x


Couture Carrie said...

Loooooving that first dress and the patterned blazer!

Fun collection!


Charmaine said...

Definitely loving the collection as well! The third pic with the bow is SO cute!!!

Amelia said...

I love the silhouettes. So chic! The prints are cool, too. Chocolate truffles sound amazing.